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Malanei S

Reviewed On 12/29/2021

Angel was always welcoming and professional! The prices were more than reasonable and no matter what style of dancing we wanted, she was ready !! Her hours were so flexible, And she choreographed our entire wedding party dance! We even had my bachelorette shower there! Which was incredible by the way! She brought in a few dance Comrades and my honeymoon was is the better for it!! I loved it! My rhythmless husband loved it and felt comfortable doing it! And that’s what really mattered.

From the moment we first met Angel and started learning some basics from her, we felt so comfortable. She is such an incredible teacher who really knows how to build your confidence, and she was always so patient with us. I can’t recommend Angel enough. Whether you just want to learn how to dance or, like my husband and I, want a special dance for your wedding, you should contact Angel. She’s funny, good-hearted, and an amazing dance instructor who helps build your confidence in dancing from day one. My husband and I received so many compliments on our first dance, and we’re so thankful to Angel for helping us make our wedding day even more special.

Vanessa C

Reviewed On 12/28/2021

Jacob U

Reviewed On 12/21/2021

My mom gifted dance lessons to my wife and I before our wedding and we had a great experience! We’re usually not big dancers but we ended up dancing our tails off and had so much fun, not only at our wedding but at each practice as well! This experience is something we will never forget.